April Meeting Agenda

1:15 pm Secondary Staff

  • High School Topics
    • Senior Graduation Awards
    • Technology Application Survey
  • Middle School Topics
    • 2012-13 Schedule - CAM system discussion.
  • Other items?

2:00pm Full Staff

Round Table Discussion Topics

  • Supervisor

  • Staff

Committee Reports

  • Curriculum Audit

    • Documents - Review of Audit documents. Input for final report on each course.
  • Music Library Files - Progress?

Agenda Topics

  1. Curriculum and Instruction
  2. Input for 2012-13 Department Goals
  3. Instrumental Music Festival.
  4. Summer Lessons
  5. Interviews for Fritz classroom position - explanation of timeline and opportunity for input.

Any other items from the Staff?

Curriculum Audit Committee Work Session

  • Breakout sessions - Elementary Classroom (K-4) and Band committees meet to determine On Hand Schools format for Summer 2012 curriculum writing project.
  • Jason and Terry will be attending the Special Ed. workshop at Leola today.


1. Another reminder that your Year-end Goals report and PDE 428A (426A if untenured) forms are due to me by Friday May 4. Year end
evaluation conferences can begin on May 16, and I will let you know of my availability so we can schedule your conference.
2. The Reading and Notating 5th Grade assessment is scheduled for May 7 - 25. This will allow three weeks for you to plan for the
assessment. Get your results back to Galen as soon as possible.
3. Remember to be thinking about your workshop choices for the coming summer. For obvious reasons, I have not planned any
specific music workshops this year. Those of you who are returning need 2 days of workshops (at least 6.5 hours per day) to qualify
for your Individualized Professional Development obligation. There will be a list of opportunities posted on My Learning Plan, and
there may also be other opportunities offered by colleges or organizations that might qualify. If you use outside vendors, fill out a
Special Workshop Request form on My Learning Plan.
4. Calendar changes: The Tri-M Talent show, scheduled in May, has been cancelled due to a lack of auditionees.
The Fritz Choral/Orff Spring concert scheduled for May 11 has been rescheduled, and will be held on May 17 along with the Fritz
Instrumental concert.
5. INSTRUMENTAL STAFF - as usual, lessons/sectionals should continue even after your spring performances. Elementary lessons will continue until May 25, after which you may use your days at each elementary to clean up your areas and take care of clerical items. Secondary staff should continue sectionals until May 30, after which you may schedule make-up sectionals and deal with your clerical duties.
Secondary ensembles should use the time following your spring concerts to develop skills that will be useful for next year. Sight-reading (and working on sight-reading skills) is a TREMENDOUS use of rehearsal time. Another idea is to preview music you might want to program next year. Do not allow the students to think that the end of May is "goof-off" time. Make it productive!