December Meeting Agenda December 14, 2011

2:00pm Staff Committee Meetings (Sites TBA)

  • Band Curriculum Audit Committee - Daubert, Decker, Thompson, Owsinski
  • Elementary (K-3) Classroom music committee - Tough, Brown, Lee, Russell, Bullington
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Agenda Topics


1. Each committee should determine their meeting place and work as a team on the tasks assigned. Elementary Music Staff
should remember to begin working on the Skills/Knowledge Matrix as part of the Audit process. Each committee should assign a
"spokesperson" to send an e-mail to the Supervisor detailing the progress made on the assignments. Meetings may conclude at 3:45
2. Staff is encouraged to place any winter/spring music orders with Dr Leitzel prior to the Holiday Break.
3. Congratulations to Nikki Kobie, Chad Sell, and Desmin Peifer who were selected, by audition, for the District 7 Lower Band Festival.
Congratulations also to Jared Daubert, their teacher.
4. Congratulations also to Anthony Scheuerman, , , and Stacey Burwick. The students were selected, by audition, to participate in the
PMEA District 7 Orchestra.
5. For those who are on the Walk-through Pilot team: I will be making a third round of visits before long. I hope to use the form that
involves all 9 Marzano strategies utilized by our building principals.
6. By now, you should have been notified of several important deadlines concerning your employment for the 2012-13 school year. Let
me list them for you as a reminder:
  • Early Retirement Incentive - To qualify, you must declare your intent to retire in writing by December 22, 2011. Don't forget to
include the signed ERIP form, which you were provided if you are eligible.
  • Regular Retirement - All other retirements must be sent to Kim Seldomridge by February 6, 2012.
  • Job Transfer requests must be sent to Kim Seldomridge by January 27, 2012. If you are requesting a Job Transfer, I would
appreciate receiving a copy of that request.
  • Sabbatical requests for the 2012-13 school year must be submitted by March 1, 2012