Meeting Agenda

1:00 pm Secondary Staff

  • High School Topics
    • Online Course Recommendations
    • Block Schedule Task Force - Jared & Galen
    • Drugs 101 Elective on Feb 17 - Interest?

  • Middle School Topics
    • MS Ensemble Recommendations to HS Staff

  • Gifted Topics
  • Other items?
    • Midwest Clinic Materials
    • Common Core Standards

2:00pm Full Staff

Round Table Discussion Topics

  • Supervisor

  • Staff

  • Technology

Committee Reports

Agenda Topics

  1. Curriculum and Instruction

2. Childrens Concert Assembly
3. March Music in Our Schools Month - ideas?
4. Elementary Schedule - thoughts, recommendations
5. Walk Through Pilot - update, recommendations
6. February 17 Professional Development Day
7. Elementary Band Methods Review
8. Band Clinician & Festival for 2013?
9. Staffing update for 2012-13.

Any other items from the Staff?

Curriculum Audit Committee Work Session


1. A reminder that UBD Unit (Topic) Plans consisting of 6-8 lessons are required of each staff member. This Topic unit should be one you
intend to teach this year. I am establishing a deadline of March 9 (end of the second trimester) for the submission of this Plan.
Remember that the lessons are to be placed on the On Hand Schools website.
2. Deadline for Job Share or Transfer requests is January 27, 2012. Intent to Retire notifications are due by February 6, 2012.
Sabbatical Requests must be submitted by March 1, 2012. Check the District Website for any applicable forms that may be needed. All
requests should be submitted to Kim Seldomridge.
3. Music for Everyone has sent a letter to me indicating that they hope to award $60,000 in grant money to Lancaster county schools. They are encouraging anyone to write a grant for any items you feel would be helpful to your program and not funded by the school district. If interested, go to .