Meeting Agenda for October

Secondary Building Level Concerns

2:00pm Round Table Discussion Topics

  • Supervisor

  • Staff

  • Technology Concerns
  • Elementary Concerns

Committee Reports

  • Music Library Files - Progress Report

Agenda Topics

Any other items from the Staff.

Breakout Sessions:

  • Band Curriculum Committee
  • Elementary Classroom Committee
  • Gettysburg Workshop staff - Marzano workshop
  • Gifted Staff - Curricular and GIEP work.


  • A reminder that your Budget Requests are due to Dr. Leitzel no later than November 1. Please be thorough with the information you supply to him.
  • Friday November 4 is a conference day for elementary staff. Please spend some time with your music library files, if you need to finish that job. REMEMBER: the secondary schools will be operating as normal, so the elementary schools will be skipping a cycle day. Monday, November 7 will be Cycle day 3E.
  • Our next Staff meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 16 at the HS Music Lab.
  • The end of the first quarter will be on Thursday, Nov. 3 and the end of the first Trimester is Thursday, Dec 1 due to the weather emergency day we had in September.
  • Dr Cartwright has informed me that the evaluation placed on the report card for grades 4-5-6 will be on a 4-point scale (4-3-2-1) with 4 representing Advanced, 3- proficient, 2- basic, 1-below basic. She would like to make "3" the default grade for all your students, therefore making it necessary for you to enter grades only for those students who would be a "4" or "2" (we agreed we would not use "1") Thoughts?